15.07.2015 – Today s Zaman


‘Köyünü Yaşat’ project gives hope to Tongurlar village The Mimar Sinan Research and Applica^¦1 tion Center has begun the 2015 version of “Köyünü Yaşat” (Keep Your Vİllage Alive), an architectural project in the village of Tongurlar located in Bilecik’s Gölpazan district. The project, mainly sponsored by the İstan bul Mineral Exporter’s Associatiotı (IMİB), the AKG Group, the Gölpazan District Governor’s Office and the Gölpazan Municipality, is organized by över 200 academics and students from Karadeniz Technical University, Uludağ University, Okan University, İstanbul Technical University and Anadolu University. The project aims to make a positive impact on Tongurlar and the district of Gölpazan by utilizing artistic activities. Among the places being shaped by the project are the Tongurlar marketplace and a historical zone called Taşlıan, located in Gölpazan. During the opeııing symposiıun of the project, IMİB Director Ali Kahyaoğlu indicated that the amount of nıarble belng retained for the region remained inadequate and thanked ali the volunteers for sacrificing their summer vacation for the project. While the first 2015 vvorkshop vvithin the scope of the “Köyünü Yaşat” project took place betvveen June 29 and July 11, the other vvorkshops are cxpected to run until Sept. 12. On the last day of the current exhibit there will be an exhibition and avvard ceremony in Taşhan with the special attendance of the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (MSGSÜ) administrative board. “Köyünü Yaşat” was first conoeived by MSGSÜ Faculty of Architecture Dean Professor Sema Ergönül during an Adobe woıkshop in 2013. For rnore infonnation about the project visit www.koyunuyasat.com.

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