2016 Dubai Middle East Stone Fair – Construction Tender

middle east stoneWe are pleased to declare the participation of Turkey in Middle East Stone – International Stone Marble And Ceramic Show 2016” to be held between May 23rd and 26th, 2016 in Dubai. The fair will take place in Dubai World Trade Center.

The booth of IMIB (ENC 1) will be located in 144 sq.m in SAEED Hall where we will have approximately 18 co-exhibitors displaying natural stones such as marble, granite, travertine and decorative products such as mosaics. We aim at providing our co-exhibitors to display their products efficiently and construct an original stand emphasizing the country image. In this framework, please find attached herewith the detailed requests about technical, financial and general issues etc. concerning with construction and decoration of the Pavilion (ENC 2).

Should you desire to submit an offer under these conditions, please send us your proposal via courier not later than February 8th, 2016 till 5:30 pm (Turkish local time). 


1-    General Layout (1 page)

2-    Technical, Financial and General Specifications (5 pages)

3-    IMIB Guideline for Visuals & Logos (175 pages)

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